Get The Best Car Repair Solutions

There are various reasons why you need to call in an expert to check your car, however if you have the Fixd you won’t need to wait for too long. Here are a few problems this Fixd can identify early on.

Loose Gas Cap

This is a very common problem. The best solution is stopping the car and tightening the cap. However, if the cap is damaged, get it replaced at the next possible gas station. Driving around with a loose gas cap is dangerous for the people in the vehicle and for those around.

Catalytic Converter Trouble

Catalytic Converters are the most expensive part to replace in a car. These converters are an important part of the exhaust system and help in converting toxic gases into harmless exhaust. A Catalytic Converter failure could be due to bad spark plus or even bad exhaust valves.

Bad Ignition Coil

If the Catalytic Converter has failed, in all probability the ignition coil or your spark plugs in your car need to be changed too. The ignition coil converts low voltage electricity from your car’s battery and converts it into high voltage electricity. This sets the spark plugs in motion. The coils and plugs can both fail because of the high temperature they are exposed to.

Bad Spark Plug Wires

When your car is in neutral and you hear the engine making sounds louder than you are used to, it means that your spark plug wires need replacing. These wires start eroding over time and the electricity generated to run the car becomes less consistent.

Mass Air Flow Sensor Problem

The mass air flow sensor works in collaboration with your oxygen sensor and measures the humidity of the air and barometric pressure going into the combustion system of the engine. Adjusting to the weather conditions outside will become difficult for the car without the mass airflow sensor.