Benefits Of Having A Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass Casing

Cellphones are becoming more complex and advanced through time. However, they are also becoming more fragile, especially their screens. One hard fall and you’ll get a cracked screen or worse, a shattered one. To avoid this from happening, it’s suggested that you get a tempered glass casing. There are lots of brands out there, but the Whitestone Dome tempered glass case is one of the best one.

Here’s why.


Whitestone tempered glass is more durable than other brands because it has a hardened glass composition. These are also scratch resistant, giving you confidence even if you use it in rugged environments or if you are always on the go. It protects your display in the best way possible.

Comfortable Feel

What’s great about Whitestone glass is that it feels like there is nothing on top of it when you touch it. This makes the experience of using your phone the same even if you use it in the long run. It can also get rid of fingerprint grease easily thanks to its specifically designed glass texture.

Easy to Clean

This is easier to clean than most other generic brands, thanks to its oleophobic coating. This makes the tempered glass resistant to fingerprint smudges. You surely don’t want to have dust accumulate inside your glass. Well, the Whitestone avoids that from happening.


Its outdoor visibility isn’t also an issue because you can still see the display clearly even if you use it outside. It doesn’t reflect sunlight or the environment or your face when you’re outside. That’s how cool this one is.


With this being said, one can clearly see how important getting a good tempered glass like Whitestone Singapore is. For sure, you’ll have your money’s worth when you get this one.