Models Of Best Lens For Canon 80D Lenses

Canon DSLR and lenses are dear to all photographers of the world, as they are unarguably delivering the best quality equipment for the same. The brand name has become ubiquitous.

Canon lenses come in a varied range which varies according to its mode of use. Some of the various types of best lenses for Canon 80D are the following

  • Standard Prime:

It is a 50mm focal length lens that comes in a compact shape with a fast auto-focus (AF). It has the feature of beautiful bokeh that could sprinkle some magic into your photography. It comes in full-time manual focus.

  • Prime Portrait:

With a 35 mm focal length, the prima portrait lens comes with good build quality. It contains Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM), that is it delivers a sound and high-speed auto focus. The price of this model is a bit lower than others. Some users might find it a little bulky.

  • Ultra-Wide Angle:

Ultra-Wide-Angle lenses comes with a 14mm focal length. It is compact and light-weight as compared to the Prima Portrait. It has a built-in petal hood, quality optics, and smooth focus. However, it does not have auto-focus and filter.

  • Macro:

It is a 90mm focal length lens which is very lightweight (14.02oz) and compact. The color rendition and internal focusing are very good. Although, it is not waterproof and the appliance doesn’t work as quietly as others.

  • Telephoto Zoom:

The focal length of this model can vary from 100-400mm. It delivers very sharp photos and image stabilization

  • Telephoto(fixed):  

The focal length of this model is 600mm.It consists of an image stabilizer, US-motor, fluorite optics. The best part is that is waterproof and dust proof. However, it comes a little expensive along with a heavyweight as the equipment is quite big.

A different user has different priorities and needs. Hence, the best lenses for Canon 80D can be chosen by the customer according to his or her need.

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