What Do You Need To Know About The Weapons Of Fortnite?

Playing online video games have become the best way to pass free time. Well, there are thousands of online games, but Fortnite is the most preferred one. In this, the players are required to attack and defend properly for winning. They are also required to collect maximum currency, which is only possible with the use of fortnite hack v bucks.


There is a vast range of different weapons present. Well, different weapons have different abilities and weakness. So, if you are willing to play better, then it is necessary to have the proper knowledge related to maximum weapons. Here is the description of some weapons –

  • Submachines guns are ideal options for quick firing. However, this is not a good option when the player wants to make the attack from a long distance.
  • For long distance, assault rifles are the best choice, but some of the rifles come with the scope.
  • When the enemy close and the players are required to be aggressive for attacking, then they just need to pick the option of shotguns. While pushing the enemy, the player also should try to jump.

  • Snipers are known as the best weapon for taking out the opponents from a very long distance. On the other hand, if you are willing to kill the enemy from close combat, then it is the worst choice.
  • For medium range, pistols are really good; however, these are slow when it comes to the close combat situation.

In addition to this, if we talk about the grenade launchers and rocket launchers, then they are the amazing option in order to destroy the buildings and forts of enemies within a few seconds. In fact, this can also kill the enemy too.