Plano Plumbing And Leak Detection: About The Company

If you’re looking for a Licensed plumbing company based in Plano, then one of the companies that you can approach is no other than Plano Plumbing and Leak Detection. This is a company that serves several parts of Texas, specifically in the cities of Plano, Allen, McKinney, North Dallas, and Frisco. Here is a look at all of the services that they offer as a company, as well as the reasons why their services are worth availing.

Services Offered

The services offered by Plano Plumbing include Gas Testing, Leak Locate and Repair, General Plumbing Services, Sewer Line Locate & Repair, Water Leak Repair and Detection, Water Heater Repair and Installation, and Slab Leak Locate and Repair. These specific services make them the best to call whenever you are in need of assistance of any of these services.

About the Company

Plano Plumbing and Leak Detection has been in service since 1990, serving parts Collin, Denton, and North Dallas counties for almost 30 years now. This is indeed, a testimony to how great their services are as a company. They also dedicate themselves to give nothing but the best in terms of plumbing services to their customers, most of the time even exceeding the expectations that these customers may have. They also are licensed, and thus can guarantee peace of mind for people who make this a priority, as all of the laws, licenses, and codes that are pertinent to what they do are being observed.

They may be a relatively pricey company, but they do warn against those cheap and substandard services that may get you to hire them multiple times. With Plano Plumbing and leak detection, you can be assured that their services are nothing but the best, indeed, even if the price is slightly higher than that of others.