Brawl Stars Is Your Next Ultimate Shooting Destination

With the ultra-successful developers comes an ultra-amazing and equally addicting shooting-based game which you can’t resist playing.

Brawl stars is the game which its developers are predicting to become one of the most popular games like its ancestors. The game is a 3 versus 3 shooter game where you can compete with people all around the world.

Game play

There are different game modes to play and each has different objectives. You get 4 types of different game modes to play in but the choice to select one isn’t yours as the selection is random. As the game name goes, your fighter is called as a brawler here. You can collect brawlers as the game progresses and use one of them while playing the matches. You have 22 brawlers in all to collect and build up your arsenal.Below are two of the game modes explained in brief:

  1. Smash & Grab

Each team will be given a task to grab crystals which will be scattered in the map’s center. If a player dies, all the crystals he has are lost and fall on the ground. The team collecting all the crystals first and having a hold of them for over 16 seconds wins the game.

  1. Heist

As you may be alerted by the name, you are going to do some uptight heists in the game. The two opponent teams are given the respective roles of attacker and defender. While the attacker team approaches the defenders, they have to steal their crystals while the opposite team defends. The crystals to be stolen are stored inside a safe in the defender team’s arena and if all are stolen, the safe vanishes which makes the team lose.

Game hacks

Like other games, players also have found hacks for this one. Below are some of the brawl stars hacks and tips explained:

  • Under the events tab, different game events are available but for a limited period of time, so participate in one before it ends.
  • You’ll be given only one brawler to start your game with, but collecting brawl boxes unlocks new brawlers with different styles, weapons and abilities.
  • Brawl boxes not only contain brawlers but also chips and elixir. Chips are spent in buying brawlers while elixir helps in upgrading them.
  • The game developers have provided two different control modes: Joystick and Touch to move. Find them in settings and choose what suits you best.
  • In the social tab you can also join bands wherein you connect with players from all around the world.

So, these were some hacks and tips for the game you will consider using. Though the game is still in its nascent stage, it proves to be one of the most popular games out there.