How To Start Gaming As A Hobby: The Beginner’s Guide

Online gaming is a great way to fruitfully pass some idle time. If you’re apprehensive of starting out on gaming because you’re not much of a techie, or you think it’s a waste of time, then you’re wrong. There’s something for everyone in the world of BandarQ.

Why online gaming?

Online gaming has been proven to improve decision-making, hand-eye coordination, cognitive flexibility, concentration and vision. You should be now asking yourself, why not online gaming?

What you need to play online games?

  1. Gaming Medium/Console

To start off, you’re going to need a gaming medium. It could be your PC, an Xbox, a playstation, a tablet, phablet or even your smartphone! If playing with a console, you’ll need an HD television as well. You can also choose to setup your own gaming PC, or buy a new one.

  1. Online Games

You can play online games only when you install them. For smartphones and PCs you can buy games from online stores and download the gaming applications on your device. Install and start playing. For boxed games for consoles, you can buy from online retailers like Amazon.

  1. Internet Connection

You must have a broadband internet connection and router to connect to the internet and play online.

  1. Know about the Types of Online Games

You can decide which kind of game you want to play only when you understand the types of existing gaming options.

  • FPS – A First-Person Shooter game in which you see targets from the eyes of the protagonist.
  • RPG – Role Playing Games are set in sci-fi or fantasy world, and player gains special abilities and treasures.
  • MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Games are role-playing games but with many other players cooperating and competing.
  • MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where two teams fight each other on small-scale environments with variety of weapons and/or spells.

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