Guide To The Thrill That is Commodore 64 Online Game

The Commodore Games introduced in January 1982 became a huge sensation worldwide. These games by 1985 were enormous success.

The Commodore’s games ranged up to 23000 special DominoQQ titles. Commodore software’s most prominent contribution to gaming was its popular game “International Soccer”, which was so popular it was converted later into floppy disk. The other popular games included in the series were Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, etc.

Where to look for Commodore Games?

For Commodore Games one needs to open Internet Archive’s library page where there is a myriad of gaming options available. In the page one can find an option “collection” clicking which “software library” check box can be seen. Checking this box will present all the games on the website filtering out the programmers.

How to pick a game?

Games can be viewed which are arranged alphabetically. In order to sort the games by the games played by the greatest number of people select ‘views’ from the drop-down menu. In order to search for a specific game, one needs to check the ‘creator’ section. After picking the game one wants to play, a screen will appear with a power button on top. On clicking it the game will start booting up.

How do one customize controls?

After the game is loaded, one needs to press F12 which will take them to the settings page. Joystick settings can be enabled from machine settings. Following this select ‘Define key sets’ to assign actions to keys according to one’s preference.

When this is done press ‘delete’ which would take back to the previous page. Here selecting ‘joystick device 1’ select enter and ‘key set 1’ The controls are customized and one can start playing their favorite retro games.

Is there another way to play the game?

An easier way to play the game is accessing it through Classic Reload. This enables one to play the games on the browser itself. The game just needs to be selected after checking ‘joystick on’. And the game starts booting.

Commodore 64 which was a huge success and one of the early contributors to online gaming is still very popular among youth and adults.

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