All about Boston Pizza

Much like Lørenskog Pizza og Grill in Norway, Boston Pizza is a well-loved pizza chain that had humble beginnings. If you are planning to take a trip to Canada soon, you should definitely give this restaurant a visit!

Greek immigrant named Gus Agioritis opened the very first Boston Pizza in Edmonton, Albert on August 12, 1964. It was first called Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House. Six years after it opened its doors, it has already reached 17 locations in the west of Canada. This just proves how much of a success Boston Pizza is in the said country and 55 years later, it is still very much thriving.

What customers say about Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is known for its exceptional online ordering platform. Customers keep coming back because not only that the food is good but deliveries are always on time. Moreover, they have a good service in the restaurant and a wide selection of food and drink. This is not only an establishment that is perfect for family gatherings but for friends as well but it is also considered a sports bar.

Boston Pizza 101

Before you go, here’s what else you need to know about Boston Pizza.

  • Currently, there are already 365 Boston Pizza branches in Canada and counting.
  • Boston Pizza statistics state that they serve at least 40 million customers every year. That is impressive.
  • Boston Pizza was the first full-service restaurant that gained a system-wide sale of more than 1 billion dollars.
  • The Boston Pizza menu offers more than 100 items.
  • Boston Pizza’s corporate social program involves supporting mentoring programs in Canada through the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects.
  • Boston’s is the American and Mexican franchise of Boston Pizza. The complete name is Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza, Restaurant and Sports Bar with over 30 stores in the US and Mexico.

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