20 Christmas Gift Ideas For Travelers (That They’ll Actually Use)

Chances are you have a friend who travels a lot, and these usually are the ones difficult to come up with a gift for. Skip all that sentimental gift ideas and premium corporate gifts Singapore offers and buy them a gift that they will actually use on their next travel.

Here are a few gift ideas that will surely put a smile to their faces.

  1. Personalized leather cord straps

These will help keep all their cables and cords organized, plus it gives a personal touch. Perfect for those who always has multiple gadgets with them when they travel.

  1. Power banks

They will need a portable power source as they go about during their travels. This one is a must for all travelers.

  1. Travel perfume carrier

Certain airport regulations prohibit bringing liquid containers of a certain volume. These small perfume carriers are perfect to keep them fresh as they travel about.

  1. Travel pillow

Make sure they’re as comfortable as possible during travel, especially on long-hour flights.

  1. International travel plug adapter

Having a universal adapter will save them the trouble of buying wall chargers every time they travel.

  1. Portable luggage scale

This will make sure they are not charge ridiculous fees of going over the baggage weight limit.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones

This will help them get that much needed sleep during travel or catch up on tv shows without much distraction from cabin noise.

  1. Toiletry kits

Another must when traveling. Keep those toiletries organized and travel-ready

  1. Portable jewelry box

Small jewelries are easy to lose during travel. Having a small jewelry box makes sure that all your jewelries are kept safe.

  1. Multitool device

Containing multiple tools crammed into a small package, this device will almost always come in handy during travels.

  1. Portable camera tripod

This will make sure that they will get captivating photos and videos during their travels.

  1. E-book readers

This will let them bring tons of books to read while not consuming precious baggage space.

  1. Passport and cards holder

This protects their passport from getting beat up with all that travelling. It also has provisions for cards, boarding passes and extra cash.

  1. Portable hair dryers

Not all hotels have hair dryers. It’s best to have one handy.

  1. Travel backpack

A well-rounded backpack abundant in storage sleeves and partitions is essential in moving about.

  1. Portable Bluetooth speaker

Let them bring their music with them wherever they go.

  1. Sturdy water bottle

Make sure they stay hydrated as they backpack around the world.

  1. Portable microfiber towels

These can be easily packed and dries quickly, perfect to bring when travelling.

  1. Waterproof smart phone case

Protect their smartphones from all the splash and roughness travelling brings.

  1. Travel journal

Make them jot down all their experiences during travels. This will also eventually serve as memorabilia of the exciting life they lead as travelers.

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